**Great news!  All the homeless pets at the Sayerville shelter have gotten homes!  For another worthwhile adoption cause, visit Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue in Atco, N.J..  They've got some bunnies that also need your help!

Donation funds for Sayerville Animal Rescue Center in New Jersey dried up after Hurricane Sandy.  Close to one hundred animals may be destroyed at the end of the month if adoption homes are not found.

Can you give a needy, homeless pet a loving home this holiday season?  More than 80 dogs and cats are desperate to be adopted before Sayerville Animal Rescue closes its doors on December 31st.

Please call (732)727-3895, or visit the shelter on Petfinder.com.

Sayerville Animal Rescue is located right next door to the Sayreville Police Station at 1400 Main Street.

Monday through Friday: 12 Noon to 7 PM
Saturday & Sunday 12 Noon to 4 PM

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