Animals in the South Jersey area are in desperate need of our help. Which is why the No Limits Rescue has officially made it's mark in southern Cumberland County as a newly founded animal rescue.

Their mission: to offer love and compassion for unwanted, mistreated and neglected animals in our community by ultimately placing them in loving homes.

Typically, the No Limits Rescue helps local community residents that just simply can't afford to pay for vet bills, or are unable to care for the animal anymore. In which case, they've recently took in two Chihuahuas that are about 7 years old. These sweet babes, as seen below, are named Pinky and Harley, both of which have severe masses on them that need to be repaired or removed. However, the estimate for the procedure is over $1000 for these two dogs alone.  So in order to make Pinky and Harley healthy and eligible for adoption again, they need South Jersey's help in raising funds to make the dogs and a future family very happy. A single share of this story on Facebook could help generate up to $37 dollars so please comment, like and share this story to help spread the word!

If you're interested in learning more about these two fur babies and what you can do to help, you can like No Limits Rescue on Facebook or click the link below!

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