This is a call to action to help the hungry cats and kittens at a shelter and rescue in Ocean City: Please donate food as soon as possible, if you're able.

Cape Atlantic Cats is having a hard time finding certain types of food, and is pleading with the public for help.

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The shelter is reportedly full, according to its Facebook, and is in need of Friskies and Purina Fancy Feast wet food, particularly pate and gravy-lovers variety.

Purina Fancy Feast Store/Amazon
Purina Fancy Feast Store/Amazon

It's a specific request, yes, but perhaps if you have some of those brands that you can spare, or happen to see the kind of food the shelter is asking for and have a few extra dollars to spend, to purchase what you can and donate it.

It's clear from Cape Atlantic Cats' Facebook post they're worried about having the resources needed to care for their feline friends. Please share this story with any cat lovers you know who may also be willing to offer assistance.

For more information, visit their website.

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