A few clubs in South Jersey have been named in lawsuits alleging copyright infringement related to photos of certain models, one of which, Adelphia Restaurant & Bar in Deptford, Gloucester County vehemently disputes.

The lawsuits reportedly claim the establishments sourced and used images of at least 10 models from here in the U.S. and United Kingdom for promotion purposes, without first obtaining permission and without offering compensation, Courier Post reports.

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Besides Adelphia, the former Centerfolds Cabaret in Pleasantville, and Babe’s Nola in Burlington Twp. are accused of doing the same.

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The defendants cite 'unfair competition and false endorsement' at the hands of the clubs. 

But a lawyer for Adelphia Restaurant & Bar points the finger at the hot spot's event promoters, according to Courier Post, reportedly third-party vendors, who allegedly 'represented they were authorized to market the photos'.

Attorney Joseph Grimes tells Courier Post“Adelphia will vigorously defend these claims", and also takes issue with the lawsuit using the term 'strip club' to describe the bar and restaurant, saying, “No strip club events have ever been held at Adelphia."

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As of about three weeks ago, the lawsuits against Adelphia, Centerfolds Cabaret, and Babe's Nola have officially been filed in federal court. Just how much the models are seeking in compensatory and/or punitive damages has not been made public.

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