What happens when you go to the grocery store, pick out a store-made pie, take it home and discover that that even though it was labeled an apple pie, it's actually a cherry pie.

Well, since this is America in 2023, you apparently sue the store for "damages." That is, the sum of $35,000.


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In Albany, New York, according to WNYT/News Channel 13, a woman bought the pie at her local Shoprite, brought it home, and cut a slice for her two-year-old daughter. She says her daughter then got sick.

Apparently, while cutting and surviving, Mom didn't notice that it was a cherry pie and not the as-advertised apple pit.

(Excuse me, Mom: Shouldn't you have checked the pie out before cutting it and handing it to your 2-year-old? Shouldn't YOU have noticed that the pie was a bright RED color, consistent with cherries and not baked apples?)

The woman is now seeking $35,000 in damages.

($35,000? A little much, isn't it? Well, this is America in 2023)

According to WNYT, the woman's lawyer made a statement that included: " While the injuries here were not as severe (thank goodness), this lawsuit is necessary to redress this wrong and help deter future injury."

SOURCE: WNYT/News Channel 13

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