A Voorhees man convicted for killing his neighbor after an argument over his neighbor's pet birds has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Now, everyone has had a problem with their neighbors one time or another. But, I suppose David Giordano had enough of his neighbor, Michael Taylor's, birds constantly chirping. It probably wasn't the best idea either to pour water over the birds to stop their chirping because it then led to Giordano repeatedly stabbing Taylor in June 2012.

NBC Philadelphia reports that the 65-year-old was charged with aggravated assault and acquitted of first-degree murder. Due to his lack of criminal history, the judge instead sentenced him to eight years, versus the original 20-year sentence.

The two men reportedly did not have any tension with each other, in this Philly article. But after a long day of work, Giordano admits to foolishly pouring the water over Taylor's birds thinking he wasn't home. It was definitely a situation that got out of hand, and Giordano has expressed his remorse for his actions, within the Philly.com article.

I sympathize with Giordano since he now has to live with this guilt as well as his eight year sentence. Read the full detailed story on Philly.com.

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