A New Jersey school gave detention to a sixth-grader after he referred to vegetarians as 'idiots'.

According to Philly.com, the 11-year-old told another student who doesn't eat meat that 'vegetarians are idiots,' and 'he should eat meat because he'd be smarter and have bigger brains.'


The school's guidance counselor saw the comments as harassment and bullying because they 'targeted a distinguishing characteristic' under state law.

As a punishment for these comments, the student was given five lunch detentions. Ah, remember those? Definitely was not fun being unable to sit with your friends, but I preferred it over real detention any day.

Well, the student's parent wasn't too happy with this decision and disputed the punishment in front of the school board. Ultimately, the school board stood by the superintendent's decision.

After losing an appeal in 2015 to challenge whether a vegetarian was considered a 'distinguishing characteristic,' the student's parent has given up the fight.

So, here is the question: was the punishment too harsh or was the school right in it's decision?

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