9-year old New Jersey girl vacationing with her family in Arizona accidentally shot and killed a gun instructor Tuesday.  Her weapon?  An automatic Uzi.

39-year old Charles Vacca was standing next to the girl at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills, Arizona when she pulled the Uzi's trigger. The gun's kickback caused the girl to lose control of the weapon, which went over her head firing bullets at Vacca, People.com reports.

Investigators say the girl was at the shooting range with her parents. Officials have video of the girl shooting at the range just before the fatal accident.

Vacca was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where he died shortly after.

We do not yet know what part of New Jersey the family hails from.

Now here is wear I find it hard to hold my tongue.  I very rarely offer an opinion on the issue of gun control, but maybe it's not wise to give a 9-year an Uzi and expect her to control it, even with proper instruction.  At best, the instructor should have been wearing a protective vest.  But my bigger issue is that the parents of this child thought it would be fun while on vacation to teach their young daughter how to use a weapon that is designed for military and police use.  Not everyone needs to be Katniss Everdeen or Lucy.

What are your thoughts?