A Californian nonprofit company has creating a new diet where participants "imagine" the foods they REALLY want to eat. Meanwhile, I sit here actually eating my Wawa hoagie.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to diet, and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. But the diet this nonprofit, Family Green Survival, is pushing seems a little odd.

The way it works is, instead of physically eating your food, you'll visualize that you are eating these foods. CBS Philly says Roseville Mayor Jim Gray participates in this diet, and apparently imagines himself actually eating the sugary cereal he's craving.

Ermmm, OR you can just eat the cereal in moderation, just an idea.

This new imaginary diet goes on par with those people who eat food just for the taste and spit it out. Look, there are many ways to change your diet.

Just actually eat the food, and don't over indulge. Watch the video from CBS Philly below:

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