This Marlton woman bought toilet tissue from Walmart, came home to find there was a two-foot long snake slithering inside. Yikes.

Look, at least she didn't discover the snake while she was doing her business - amirite??

Philly Voice reports, Lisa Gallo did her usual shopping at the Walmart off Route 70 and picked up a 12-roll bundle of toilet paper. Thereafter, she returned home and was unloading her bags. Like any of us would, she left the toilet bundle at the front door and unloaded the rest.

When she came back for the bundle, that's when she noticed it: a two-foot-long black snake.

I could imagine against white toilet paper, it's presence was unmistakable!

So, of course Lisa freaks out, grabs the broom, pushes the snake out the door. Crisis averted.


Unfortunately she was too scared to take any photos, so no one would be able to identify the snake. Apparently she googled the snake, and this kind isn't found in New Jersey, hmmm.

So what does Walmart have to say? As far as they know, they have zero idea how it could have gotten in there since this is sealed at the companies they're from.


At least no one got hurt! Lesson to be learned here: examine the toilet paper before using.

Read the full story in detail on Philly Voice.

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