As summer draws to a close, I'm reflecting back on all the things I wanted to do but didn't. Which led me to make a list of things I've never ever done in South Jersey. I'm sort of ashamed of myself, lol.

I've been looking at my list and wondering how I've managed to live here all these years and escape these experiences. I guess it's sort of like how people living in Philly walk by Independence Hall but never go in. These aren't exactly 'bucket list' things, but new to me!

What's something in South Jersey you've never done? Let us know in the comment box below!

Never Have I Ever:

  • TSM

    Gone Inside Lucy The Elephant

    I've done plenty of station events at this historic place, but never managed to go inside. It's not like I'm afraid of small spaces. I hear you can set up a sleepover inside Lucy. That might be interesting.

  • TSM

    Taken a Tram Car Ride

    I guess when I'm on the boardwalk, I just WALK. Also, I always seem to be in the way of this thing, and it's honked at me a lot over the years, so maybe it's my arch enemy or something, lol.

  • kiko_jimenez/thinkstock

    Sat at a Casino Table

    Bottom line: I'm not confident enough, and I'd probably lose all my money in a matter of seconds.

  • Sophie Bengtsson/ThinkStock
    Sophie Bengtsson/ThinkStock

    Gone Blueberry Picking

    I know my parents took me strawberry picking when I was VERY little, but I've always wanted to go and pick my own blueberries. I see signs all around South Jersey during the summertime when the berries are in season, so maybe next year. We are the blueberry capital of the world after all!

  • Christos Georghiou/ThinkStock
    Christos Georghiou/ThinkStock

    Searched for the Jersey Devil

    And by that I mean that I've never wandered through the Pine Barrens, said to be home of the mythical Jersey Devil. A stroll through the Pine Barrens never seems to work out for people, especially in the Sopranos.

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