We have ourselves a celebrity sighting in Cape May this past Labor Day Weekend, and it was none other than Oprah herself.

On Saturday Oprah was in the house attending the annual Whitesboro Reunion Festival in Middle Township in Cape May.

Whitesboro native and businessman Stedman Graham is the executive director of the Concerned Citizens group. Both Graham and Winfrey are longtime partners, which is why she was there celebrating its 30th anniversary.

This year's festival theme was "Pearls of Wisdom." When you think about it, it’s quite appropriate because Oprah herself dropped many pearls of wisdom throughout her iconic career. Oprah mingled with the crowd, talking to numerous people, including a 100 year-old who gave Oprah advice on how to live a long life.

"All I have to say is wash your face in cold water," said Lillian Inez Palmer.

Check out the speech Oprah gave at the event here.

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