Keep your Eagles tailgate party from becoming a disorganized mess with this list of hacks.

Before you pack of the car for Lincoln Financial Field, we've got some suggestions, from how to secure a parking spot before you get there, to clever ways to keep track of your beer, and more.

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    Use This App to Arrange Advanced Parking

    If you've not used the SpotHero app yet, you're missing out. Not only can it guarantee you a parking spot before you even leave your driveway, it can find you one close to an exit so you're not waiting around for an hour trying to leave the lot.

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    Let a Tube Sock Pull Double Duty

    Cut an elastic tube sock in two. Use the toe part as a drink koozie, and put the elastic upper half around your wrist to act as a sweatband.

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    Put Your Belongings in a Clear Zip Lock Bag

    Ladies, this particularly relates to you. The Linc has VERY strict rules about the size and transparency of handbags allowed inside the stadium. So, although you may want to show off the Eagles-logo Dooney & Burke tote, you'll likely be forced to take it back to the car. Instead, opt for a clear plastic purse, the smaller the better. A DIY version can be made using a Zip Lock bag and a shoelace. BOOM! Instant clutch.

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    Add a Magnet to Your Beer Huggie

    This way if you need to free up your hands, you don't have to sit your beer down on the ground or on the roof of a car. Just attach one or two magnets to your beer huggie and you can stick it right to the car door.

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    Set Your Alarm

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    Bad Weather Backup Plan

    In the event of rain (or eventually, SNOW!), suggests if you can manage to park under I-95 at nearby Wells Fargo Center, it offers the perfect bad weather surroundings.

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    Keep a Bottle of Sprite on Hand

    After a day of drinking before the game even starts, its good to have a hangover game plan, and some experts say drinking Sprite is the quickest way to recover.

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    Make Your Friends Do Everything

    Ya know the saying 'those who can teach, those who can't hire a professional'? If you know a group of people who've mastered the art of tailgating, just tag along! An offer to provide beer or to help pay for the food certain goes along way if you're lacking in skills.

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