Talk about the big one!

Let me start off first by saying I am super amazed at this 15 year-old fisherman, because 1. I've never fished a day in my life, and 2. 66 pounds of fish is a pretty big deal.

Over the weekend and 100-miles off shore, Eddie Kelly caught a 66-pound Mahi-Mahi during the Ocean City Marlin and Tuna Club Labor Day Tournament. If you were wondering that actually broke a tournament record.

The fish was so big (56 inches) that it took about 45 minutes to reel it in.

The old club record was set in 2010 when a fish that weighed 63 pounds was caught. Eddie's fish that he caught over the weekend came in at 66 pounds.

He had some help in the matter of bringing the Mahi-Mahi in as the crew of the Lisa Marie helped during the catch.

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