Today is National Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Day!  My favorite come from the bakery at ShopRite of Galloway.  They're always chewy and deliciously sweet.  But, I thought I'd also fill you in on a few ways to spice them up in your own kitchen!  Share your recipe too!







1.  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies With Bacon!  Cook up some apple or maple smoked bacon and get it nice and crispy.  Dice up and work into cookie batter.  This makes for an oatmeal raisin treat thats both sweet and savory.!









2.     Change out the raisins and use chopped dates instead!  They give the cookie a more brown sugar flavor.  I like to toss in some shredded coconut and chocolate chips for this one.









3.     Throw in Craisins or dried cherries for a less predictable cookie!











4.     Golden raisins and white chocolate chips make for something even sweeter!











5.     Skip the raisins all together and instead of plain oats, use a few bags of flavored instant oatmeal!  The possibilities are endless here!  The oatmeal company Better Oats Raw makes a Chai spiced oatmeal that's delicious on its own, but makes an even better cookie!  Beware though, you'll need about 3 whole boxes to take care of 3 dozen cookies.