After a rough 3 weeks, during one of the busiest seasons for pet adoptions, the MCSPCA in Eatontown is finally reopening today!

It was a nightmare when canine influenza shut down the shelter in December. 14 new dogs that had just arrived on a transport from the south were healthy and so they had to be put into foster homes, along with other dogs who also had to stay in foster so as not to catch the virus. All told, we thank all of the foster families who volunteered to keep 24 dogs in their care for three weeks!

Now there are over 55 dogs who are all healthy, in the shelter, and need forever homes! So many of them may have gotten homes for Christmas if it hadn't been for the virus going around, so let's not see them punished any further. Let's get these beauties into homes to begin 2020!

The MCSPCA, Industrial Way in Eatontown, is open today and tomorrow from Noon - 7 pm. This weekend their hours are Noon - 5 pm. CLICK HERE to check out all of the dogs up for adoption.

Thank goodness that all of the dogs in the shelter's care are happy, healthy, and ready to be loved forever!

Here's a special message from the MCSPCA from their Facebook page:

At the stroke of midnight on December 31st, we will close out the decade and the MCSPCA will begin celebrating our 75th year in operation. Nothing represents our service to the community and our mission to protect animals more than this action-packed past year! We began 2019 with a free microchip clinic in order to keep pets in our community safe- and served over 300 animals in just 3 hours! In August, we rescued 70 cats from squalor in Howell over 5 grueling days and in June; we assisted with the rescue of more than 200 terriers from Hunterdon County being bred in horrible conditions.

We continue humanely addressing our community cat problem with one of the state’s leading Trap, Neuter and Release programs, and TNR’d over 2,000 outdoor cats this year! While continuing to address pet overpopulation, we teamed up with Little Silver Animal Hospital to offer the “Pit Stop” program- a free service to spay/neuter area bully breeds. At last count, we trapped and fostered over 1300 kittens during “kitten season,” babies born outdoors with either little chance at survival or who face a life as a feral cat. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a “hissy kitten” relax and learn to love human touch! The MCSPCA cared for well over 600 wildlife in 2019- everything from a tiny baby mouse caught at the Monmouth mall to an injured mama possum in a trap, which we were able to reunite with her TWO litters of babies! Our Animal Control officers worked with everything from a deer struggling in rough ocean surf to an alligator, with hundreds of cats, dogs, birds, raccoons and you name it in between. MCSPCA Law Enforcement responded to nearly 250 calls for animal cruelty, and in December, was able to deliver comprehensive testimony that resulted in the conviction of the defendant responsible for the torturous act of animal cruelty on River, 2018’s puppy left in a crate in the rising Highlands, NJ tide. Our Pet Therapy and Humane Education teams brought the healing power of animals and education to hundreds of children and disabled Monmouth County residents. and our Vogel Veterinary Clinic tended to thousands of pets in the community this year.

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We are immeasurably grateful for the support we receive from the public each year, most notably this past month as we were forced to close the shelter due to canine influenza. The support shown by the community was inspiring to our hard-working staff as they worked overtime to be sure every single animal at the shelter was well cared for.

It is truly our pleasure to serve the residents and animals of Monmouth County, and we look forward to a bright new year of lives saved and homes found for the animals that need us! If you would like to continue partnering with the MCSPCA’s work and would like to donate to help us help animals, you may follow this link to donate:

If you have already donated, thank you for being a champion for homeless, abandoned an abused animals! Happy New Year!


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