They were rescued last night after a call from the police, near death, in the sweltering garage of an abandoned home on Mattison Ave. and now investigators are asking anyone with info to come forward.


With one dog stuck outside on an industrial chain and over a dozen dogs and puppies stuck inside on hot concrete, one dog was described as 'lifeless' by the time help arrived and was rushed to Garden State Veterinary for treatment.

They had no food, no water, and no relief from the incessant heat.

The rest of the animals were also brought in for medial assessment and are now in the safe arms of the Monmouth County SPCA  (MCSPCA) staff. Your help is requested if you happen to know anything about who neglected these precious babies.


The Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Control Units say the three adult dogs that were recovered ate and drank ravenously once they were given food and water. The MCSPCA says it's hard to say the last time they had any food or water available to them.

Aside from the one puppy in critical care, all of these dogs and puppies are receiving the highest level of quality care now that they are at the MCSPCA.

But if anyone has info about who the owners of these dogs were, please call the Monmouth County Animal Cruelty Hotline at (877) 898-7297. You can remain anonymous.

And if you can make a contribution towards their care as they are nursed back to health, PLEASE CLICK HERE. (The MCSPCA is a non-profit that relies on donations to take care of these animals.)

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