There's a brand new app on the streets that helps moms connect and meet with other moms, in a Tinder-like fashion.

Being a new mom isn't easy, you're given new priorities and responsibilities which can be difficult to adjust to (at first).

Peanut is a free (for the lack of a better word) dating app that helps moms connect with other moms nearby to make new friends. So, literally a Tinder for moms!

Peanut creator, Michelle Kennedy, tells TechCrunch, this new app is a way to break moms out of the 'old-fashioned' way of communicating through online forums. Instead, you can make new mom friends in person to swap tips and ideas or even schedule playdates.

I am LOVING this idea! Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder have created new features for people only seeking new friends in their areas, while others like Shapr are amazing for networking.

Peanut works like other dating apps: swipe up to wave at a mom, swipe down to skip. The app also focuses on common interests instead of looks, to form a real bond with other moms.

Peanut is still really new but I cannot wait to see how it plays out (maybe it'll become my new app of the week). I'm totally here for it, how about you?

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