From being able to eavesdrop to what to watch on Netflix, Brooke & Jubal in the Morning uncovered the top 10 phone apps people wish would be invented.

Technology moves so fast, we wouldn't be surprised if some of these apps actually exist by the end of the year (if they don't already?). Maybe you can point us in the right direction. What app do YOU wish existed? Let us know in the comment box below.


  • 10

    What's My Dog Saying?

    We'd love to know what's going on in the mind of our furry friends when they get vocal.

  • 9

    Swear Jar

    An app that flags you every time you use profanity.

  • 8

    What's In My Fridge?

    An app that tells you what grocery items you need to restock.

  • 7

    Help Getting Out of Awkward Situations

    Yeah, like tips on how to 'ghost' or what to say to escape.

  • 6

    What to Watch on Netflix

    Jubal actually did uncover an app called Netflix Roulette to help you navigate the rabbit hole of series and movies that is Netflix.

  • 5

    Who's That Guy?

    Ever see a movie and try to explain to someone 'he's that guy, ya know, from that thing...'. Sure would be nice to have an app to help identify who the heck you're referring to.

  • 4

    How to Make Friends

    When you're at a party or company function, it would be nice to have an app to offer up some ice breakers so you don't sound like a loser.

  • 3

    Tinder for Pizza

    An app that lets you swipe left or swipe right depending on how good a pizza looks.

  • 2

    Being Able to Eavesdrop

  • 1

    Lose My Number

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