A man holding a knife and reportedly ranting that his life was ruined by the IRS, cut himself outside of the Today show studios in New York City this morning.  NBC news anchors has planned on an outdoor segment but were forced to remain inside the building at Rockefeller Plaza while police attempted to subdue the man.

The frightening scene took place when a man threatened to harm himself. Security crews and police quickly responded, but not before the man was able to cut his own wrist, People.com reports..

Host Matt Lauer did not try to cover up the incident with viewers, directly addressing the situation saying, "A short time ago a man out there tried to harm himself with a knife, he did manage to cut himself, he was controlled by our security team out there. However he did harm himself in some way, he's now being attended to."

A short time later Matt Tweeted:



After tackling the man to the ground security officers transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

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