I guess anybody can sue for just about anything these days.



According to the Courier-Post, Andrea DeGerolamo of Berlin is suing her former company because her bosses made her drive to work during rush hour.



Now before we make any comments about this lawsuit, it's important to know that she has issues with anxiety, which was worse when she was in traffic.  She asked her bosses if she could avoid rush hour.



Her plan was she'd come into work AFTER morning rush hour and leave BEFORE night rush hour.  Hmmmm.  Judging by that statement, it seems that she didn't propose, say, coming in extra early so she could leave at 3:00 P.M.  She just proposed a shorter work day for herself.



Obviously her bosses said no, and she wound up getting fired about six months later.



Now she's suing the company for unspecified damages for discrimination since she says her anxiety was a disability.


What do you think?



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