Every parent's nightmare is finding out their child didn't make it to their first day of school because he was left alone on a school bus for four hours.And that's exactly what happened to Michelle Oquendo of Berks County, Pa after her son, Prince, didn't come off the bus at noon.

CBS Philly says after the bus driver neglected to drop him off at school, Prince spent his day inside a school bus in 85-degree-temperature.

When Prince didn't come home, Michelle called his school, and the bus company was immediately contacted. Prince was found hot and sweaty sitting in the New Rhoads Transportation parking lot.

This poor little boy, your first day of kindergarten/school is supposed to be exciting! Michelle says he was so excited to start his day, instead he ended up crying himself to sleep on the bus.

The bus driver responsible has been fired. Also the Daniel Boone Area School district admits the school is at fault for not calling Michelle to inform her Prince was absent.

I was thoroughly surprised the school didn't call to let her know of his absence. I remember in elementary and HIGH SCHOOL, my parents were called if I wasn't present. To think a school failed to let a mother know her KINDERGARTNER was absent is terrifying.

Luckily Prince is safe and sound, but now Michelle intends on driving him to school.

Hope everyone else's first day wasn't as traumatic as Prince's.

Source: CBS Philly

UPDATE: If you would like more detail of the situation visit WFMZ. They provided a more detailed account of Prince's story: www.wfmz.com.

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