Trust me, you'll thank me later!

We all do it: Overeat on Thanksgiving. We can't help it, the food is just so, so good. We eat and then fall into the infamous Thanksgiving food coma. Don't lie and say you haven't, we are all friends here.

What if I said there was a way you could avoid that food coma and still enjoy all the glorious food on Turkey Day? You would tell me I am crazy. Normally I would agree, but not on this.

Be prepared to have you mind blown and learn the secrets on beating that notorious Thanksgiving food coma.


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    H20 is Key!

    Before you even think about the food, grab a glass of water. Water will help you feel fuller, making you think twice about that third serving of appetizers.

    If you want to have an alcoholic drink, that's fine, so long as you have a glass of water for every drink you have.

    Having enough water in your system will take you through the rest of the day.

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    Don't Head for the Couch!

    That is the go-to after shoveling a large amount of food in your stomach.


    Instead, keep standing, or day I say, be active. Weather permitting, maybe grab a few of the fun cousins and get a game of football going in the yard.

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    Don't Wear Looser Clothing!

    A lot of people will wear jeans a size bigger or sweats to dinner to make room for that ever expanding stomach.

    Instead, how about something as simple as just wearing your size, that way when the pants are tight, you know to stop eating.

    Listen to your body!

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    Spices Spices Spices!

    Cayenne, Tumeric, and Cumin all help boost metabolism.

    Try mixing all 3 in warm water with a little bit of lemon juice to kickstart your digestive system and let your gut feel good before all the food enters.

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