For real, I do not get it for one major reason.

The term "home for the holidays" will be an obvious retort to my question, as one answer will be just that. People who moved and haven't been in the area for quite some time are finally back in town and reuniting with familiar faces, throwing back drink after drink after drink. Fine, I get it. But why the night before Turkey Day? That just seems dumb.

Why? One word: Thanksgiving. Isn't it obvious?

Why would you go out the night before (with literally everyone else in the world) to throw drinks down your gullet to the point of in-coherency and reminisce about the good old days when you can do that Friday or Saturday? Chances are that friend in town will still be in town for the weekend.

Why do it the night before the biggest eating holiday of the year? Does being sick and having a hangover all day in the company of family, judging you, sound fun? I don't think so.

Also, who has time to go out if you are preparing for Thanksgiving anyway?!

But not everyone participates, which is fine. What do you do?

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