Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, Mac and Cheese? What's the definitive answer?

Let's just first off all agree that any food served on Thanksgiving is absolutely amazing. Sooo much delicious goodness is coming our way in a week or so. And if you are Italian like me you will need to bring a stomach pump for the impending gorging that is about to take place.

You may not even have the chance to eat all the food that day. Which only means one thing.


But what is the best Turkey Day leftover?

I personally think it's the stuffing. OH MY GOODNESS THE STUFFING IS SO GOOD!

But what do you think?

Did you know the person who created the green bean casserole dish was from South Jersey?!

I like Geri's point on the M.P., like where your heads at!

Yes! We have another person who is pro stuffing!

Tell us what you think which Thanksgiving dish is the best for leftovers!

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