I've lived and breathed all things Mariah Carey since 1990. So who better to break down the very first episode of her long-awaited reality series than moi?

In 1997 (at the age of 27) Mariah Carey got divorced (for the first time). The clothes came off and the drama got turned on. A breakdown, a failed debut movie, and two kids later, Mimi finally let the cameras follow her around to capture what the everyday life of a multi-platinum selling diva is like.

Episode 1 of 'Mariah's World' on E! did not disappoint. Mariah plays her alter ego 'Bianca' in the opening scene, and soon we see she can't even manage to buckle her own shoes. That's what her minions are for. There are yachts, hot backup dancers, an introduction, and an intro Mariah's posse (including her new pitbull-of-a-manager Stella and new beau Bryan).

My fave moment? Watching Mimi's new assistant Molly break down during her first day on the job.

Bottom Line: Yes. You want to watch. Even if you have to fast forward beyond the first five minutes.

'Mariah's World', an 8-part event, airs Sundays @ 9p/est on E!


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