It's one of the most un-wonderful times of the year. The leaves are rapidly falling off the trees, and you've got to do something about them. But should you?

Many townships in South Jersey are beginning their leaves-collecting process. While raking leaves makes for a manicured, pristine yard, some experts say letting them stay is the more environmentally-friendly thing to do.

Leaves reportedly help to preserve nutrients in the soil beneath the grass, instead of it being exposed to harsh winter elements, according to Good Housekeeping. Leaves also create natural mulch.

Also, if you consider yourself a fan of butterflies, larva that falls off the trees with the leaves could be destroyed by the raking process, which means less cocoons reach their transformation.

Lastly, raking leaves can be stressful on your back and joints.

But there are some pros to raking leaves, too. Just click the purple button below.

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