When I moved to South Jersey years ago, my first questions was: 'where can I find a good hoagie?'  Many of you commented here on our website, yet some of you disagreed  with me on calling a sandwich a 'hoagie'.  That being said, it's time for a sandwich showdown!



Today is National Hoagie Day! Naturally I chose to celebrate by ordering an Italian Hoagie.  When I ordered, the lady looked at me and said 'You mean a sub?'
Were we really going to have have this discussion? I decided not to say anything, ate my hoagie in disgust, and later planned to ask you the listener about this subject.


Here's the deal,  what you call a sandwich depends on where you live.  Right?  I was in South Jersey when I ordered my lunch, so this had me confused.  Where's the demarcation line that divides sub-people from hoagie folk?


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