Yesterday I was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a friend of mine.


He sees this older woman walk by, and immediately kisses his thumb and points to the sky.  He tells me that the woman who walked buy us looks exactly like his aunt, who passed away a month ago.  Later, he gets up from the table.  I’m thinking he’s using the restroom or buying another drink.  Instead, he’s talking to the same woman, at her table, and offering her a drink while telling her that she looks exactly like his dead aunt.


She declines the drink.  He offers her food instead.  She declined that as well.  By the way, we also find out that it’s her BIRTHDAY!


I later explained to him that telling some random stranger that she looks just like his dead aunt on her birthday isn’t the greatest move in the world, but he insists that it was a kind gesture and he did nothing wrong.


Who’s wrong here? Me or him?


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