I'm really starting to think this soap opera is a publicity stunt.....


Then again, the band doesn't really need a publicity stunt.  After all, Bon Jovi was the highest paid band in 2013 at 79 million bucks.  That's more money made than Coldplay and One Direction.


So why do we keep hearing that Richie's departure from the band was because of  'financial reasons'?


While departing L.A.X., Richie told TMZ,  that his departure is 'only temporary'.


So, with a 'temporary' departure', more people are speculating that Richie was hitting the bottle again, while other sources are claiming that the reason behind the break up  was a fight over money.  (TMZ)


Regardless, everybody will be back together, so relax.........




OH.....did I mention that there's also a rumor out there that Jon Bon Jovi wants to buy the Buffalo Bills?



OK, I'm done..........

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