This may be one of the coolest things we've ever seen. Two of New Jersey's favorite residents, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, recently grabbed ice cream together in Freehold.

The day date took place at Jersey Freeze, reportedly Springsteen's favorite place to get ice cream, according to on Instagram.

This photo of them hanging out together, like two regular dudes just in the mood for a cone, makes me giddy. It's just the coolest thing how NORMAL two of earth's biggest rock stars ever manage to be. And the fact that they spend time with each other is truly awesome.

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Jersey Freeze co-owner Matt Cangialosi tells that his partner Katie DiNonno spotted JBJ coming out of the ice cream stand's bathroom. At that point, Bruce had already made his presence known, so Matt and Katie seemed blown away that Bruce and Jon rolled into their shop TOGETHER.

Their ice cream was probably on the house for these two famous faces, but if it wasn't I'd have offered it to them for free if they sang a couple of bars of "Born to Run" or "Livin' On a Prayer" together, lol.

I can just picture The Boss saying to Jon, "Hey, man, you want some ice cream? I feel like some ice cream. I know a place. Let's go." Jersey Freeze has been in business in Freehold (Bruce and Jon's stomping grounds to this day) since the 1950s, so both probably went there as kids and STILL do!

I bet the rest of the week at Jersey Freeze is going to seem pretty boring compared to this visit, lol. So glad Jon and Bruce agreed to pose for a photo so we ALL get to marvel at their hang.

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