Back in 2004, there was a show on VH-1 called, "Bands Reunited." It was hosted by someone named Aamer Haleem.  The premise of the program was for Aamer to find members of bands from the eighties who had broken up and convince them to re-form the band and play a show together for one night.

That is the general idea of an upcoming movie called, Rockbottom.

In the movie, the story revolves around a fictional 80's hair band called, CougarSnake.  The band had a short career, due to creative differences.

As a kid, current day rocker Bryce Cooper had an emotional attachment to CougarSnake.  When he mentions the band in an interview, hysteria ensues as a movement begins an effort to find and reunite the band to open for Cooper's band at an upcoming charity event.

In what seems like a predictable plot, the old rockers who formed Cougarsnake, have to be coaxed out of retirement by their kids.

Jake Bongiovi is the potential new lead singer of the band with one problem.  He must overcome his fear of performing on stage.

Jake, a graduate of Pennington School has been busy as he embarks on his big screen career.  In addition to Rockbottom, Jake has a role in a romantic comedy, Sweethearts and has had smaller parts in a few other movies.

Jake Bongiovo via Facebook/ Jon Bon Jovi via Facebook/ Canva
Jake Bongiovo via Facebook/
Jon Bon Jovi via Facebook/ 

You have to think that Jake will be channeling his rocker-dad in this role.

Jake Bongiovi Joins Tom Everett Scott in Comedy 'Rockbottom' - Variety

Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi, joining cast for movie about fictional hair metal band (

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