We all share that common fear of the start to our long work weeks: Mondays. If you suffer from those Sunday Scares that lead to Monday Blues, it's time to start taking control and embracing Mondays more and hating them less.

Some people dread going back to a job they don't like after a nice weekend off and other people simply don't like Mondays, even if they enjoy their job.

Mondays have become so commonly associated with  the start of responsibility and the end of fun or relaxation that some people spend their Sundays filled with dread. Well, life is too short to waste Sunday hours panicking.  We got a few ways to hate Mondays less, and embrace them a little more. 

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    Appreciate your Sunday Sleep

    As we know Monday is the start to the week ahead. Nothing would help more than really getting that good night sleep the evening before! So, savor your Sunday night sleep so you can be ready to embrace Monday. Hit the hay early and get  jump start on your day by getting your meals and outfits ready the night before.

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    Fill it with Fun

    Add a little fun to your Monday. This can be made possible by doing something you really enjoy on Monday, instead of waiting for the weekend. Watch your favorite movie after work, or go out to dinner with friends or family. This can spice up the Monday blues for sure and give you something to look for.

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    Plan Ahead

    Make a list of a few things to get done throughout the week. What do you need to get down around the house? What errands need to be run? Having a list of things to do during the week can take some of the burden off the weekend and give you more time to enjoy the days before Monday morning rolls around!

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    Change it

    If you find it 100% impossible to get rid of your Sunday Scares or Monday Blues, then maybe it’s time to make a big change. You may just be that unhappy with your job or routine - and that’s okay. Just use that as a drive to change your ways to live the happy like you deserve. This can be done by maybe planning a mini vacation or finally looking for that new dream job.

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