Have you ever been in the predicament where you want to workout, but also want to drink wine?  If you have, you are are not alone. Last night I changed into my workout clothes after work, however my desire to go with pretty non-existent. That was until Heather gave me the genius idea to workout at work and also have some wine. Now that was a workout I could get behind. This was brought a step further when I decided to use a couple of large wine bottles as my weights.

Honestly, working out with wine bottles turned out to be quite effective. Plus, staying hydrated is very important while working out and I was working out with my source of hydration. I know, I know wine does the complete opposite of hydrate you, but it tastes yummy.

So what does a wine workout entail? Everything you need to be super fit. We have bicep curls, we have exercises for your triceps, squats, crunches and wine. What more could you want?

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