What do you do when you find out the Amtrak is delayed and you may be there for awhile? Order some pizza of course!

That's exactly what Mitch Katz did while en route to Washington, D.C. when Amtrak alerted there was a "mechanical issue."

After an hour of waiting, Mitch says he got "hangry" like anyone else would in this situation, so he just decided to have pizza delivered to the site. Don't believe me? Check it out:

Big shout out to the Delaware pizza man for actually delivering the pizza to a stalled train! He tells AP, he "cut through a backyard, navigated through a steep embarkment and jumped over a water filled ditch" while balancing two pies.

Beat that, Dominoes!

If you were stuck somewhere, what food would you choose? For me?

Totally would be Chinese food.

Source: NBC News | ABC News


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