Charlotte McCourt from South Orange, NJ tells the truth on what she really thinks about Girl Scout Cookies...then ends up selling over 16,000 boxes.

See kids, honesty really is the best policy - just look at Charlotte!

The 11-year-old learned that her father had a rich friend in Colorado looking to buy Girl Scout cookies to send overseas to troops. Like any young business person would, she sent an email to the friend, pitching her Girl Scout sale.

In the email, she rates each Girl Scout cookie from 1-10,and gives a cookie review. The Toffee-tastic?: "a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland." Short-bread cookies? "kind of boring." Jeez!

She ends her sales pitch saying the only cookie worthy of a 10 rating, is any cookie sent overseas for troops. Now, 7,765 boxes are being sent for the troops! says, Charlotte sold 16,430 boxes...mind you she only had to sell 300.

Way to go Charlotte!

Watch her father, Mike Rowe, read her email on his podcast "The Way I Heard It:"

Source: Mike Rowe |

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