After reading his son's school project, this New Jersey dad was heartbroken to find out his autistic son doesn't have any friends. 

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Bob Cornelius from Rockaway, NJ went to his son's back to school night. Like any proud parent would, he snapped pics of Christopher's work and talked to teachers about his son's progress.

When he went home that night, he took another look at his son's project only to feel saddened by his son's response. Under the question, "Some of my friends are..." Christopher responded, "No one."

Bob told ABC News, seeing this answer was "like a punch in the gut." He started thinking of other children like his son facing the same experience in schools, and wanted to spread awareness via Facebook.

So far, his Facebook post has been shared 30,000 times. In the post, he urges parents to speak to their children about kids with special needs.

Reading stories like this breaks my heart, because I always try to make people feel included. If your child is facing difficulties making friends in school, one of my app of the weeks actually helps with this and it's posted below.

We can all do our share in spreading kindness and love!

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