Next time your man is whining because he's sick, give him some slack! According to this Canadian researcher, 'man flu' symptoms are real, and not a joke.

Or from the sounds of it, maybe HE'S being sensitive about people making fun of his exaggerating. You be the judge.

Canadian researcher Dr. Kyle Sue in an article for the British Medical Journal revealed that due to men's weaker immune system, they're more susceptible to flu complications than women. This means that when they get the flu, they feel it MUCH more.

Through his mice studies, he found female mice had stronger immune systems to fight the virus. In addition, according to a 2013 Stanford University Study, human female antibodies respond much faster to flu virus injections compared to men.

What does all this mean?

Thanks to gender hormones (i.e. testosterone and estrogen), it seems women have stronger immune systems. While testosterone suppresses the immune system, estrogen boosts it. Pretty cool, right?

But get this -- despite everything that was found, this "immunity gap" is suggestive, and there's no definitive evidence.

So it still sounds to me like a man who got tired of being made fun of.

Come to your own conclusions, but Dr. Kyle (jokingly) says the best way to help a man during his time of need is to create [sic] "male friendly spaces, equipped with enormous televisions and reclining chairs, to be set up where men can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in safety and comfort." (Business Insider)

*insert rolling eye emoji here*

Read the full study here in British Medical Journal.

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