This New Jersey bride is searching for this couple who crashed her wedding, because she wants to buy them a drink for doing a good job.

I mean, forreal kudos to this random couple for actually crashing a wedding and getting away with it!

Karen Fox (the bride) posted on Facebook thanking friends for coming to the wedding, and also to highlight the wedding crashing couple:

Apaprently, they left behind a Polaroid, a 'buck for luck,' and a note reading:

Dear Fox's,

1. Congratulations!

2. Sorry for crashing your wedding

3. Best of luck!!

Karen just assumed they were probably friends of the groom, especially since they made themselves so comfortable at the wedding. Reportedly, they even danced with the flower girl (maybe got that tip from the actual movie, Wedding Crashers hmm?)

If it wasn't for that note left behind, Karen would have never known! You can check out pictures of the couple having a grand old time thanks to photos by Joseph Costa, which he shared with 6abc:

Now that I know it's that easy to crash a wedding, I'll be definitely adding this to my bucket list.

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