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Halloween is going to be here before we know it. Halloween costumes have become more creative and more intricate year by year. Beauty gurus on YouTube have stepped up everyone's Halloween game by creating amazing looks for Halloween.

Sometimes it's hard to know which products are great and which products will leave you a greasy mess and breaking out the next day. We have found the best of the best that Amazon has to offer for you this Halloween season.

  • TSM Chelsea Corrine
    TSM Chelsea Corrine

    Mehron Face and Body Paint

    I have personally used Mehron makeup in the past. Last year, I dressed up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, using Mehron's purple shade. Just wet your brush before application to activate the makeup. I covered my whole face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. It lasted all day. Buy Now

  • Mehron via Amazon
    Mehron via Amazon

    Mehron Setting Powder

    After you apply all of that face and body paint, you need to set it. Mehron is none for their professional costume/studio makeup. Buy Now

  • Ben Nye via Amazon
    Ben Nye via Amazon

    Ben Nye Fresh Scab

    Like Mehron, Ben Nye is another well-known studio makeup brand. If you are going for a full-on gory makeup look, you'll need some blood. Ben Nye's Fresh Scab is a thick gel consistency, which makes it easy to work with. Buy Now

  • Kangaroo via
    Kangaroo via

    Liquid Latex

    Liquid latex is key for those super gory looks. It can be tricky to work with and removal is a process that can take some patience, but the effect you'll get is amazing. Buy Now

  • Divawoo via
    Divawoo via

    Rhinestone Kits

    Adding rhinestones to your Halloween look is all the rage right now. Mapping out individual rhinestones and placing them one by one is a pain and requires the patience of a saint. Luckily, they sell sheets of pre-placed rhinestones you can peel and stick. I would still use a little lash glue to give them extra hold. Buy Now

  • NYX Professional Makeup
    NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Creme Colour

    NYX is killing it with drugstore Halloween makeup. Their creme makeup is a great drugstore option to get those high pigmented face paint colors you need this Halloween. Buy Now

  • NYX Professional Makeup via
    NYX Professional Makeup via

    NYX Glitter Primer

    NYX Glitter Primer is a savior when it comes to adding glitter to your makeup. The glitter needs to stick to something and NYX's primer is fantastic. Buy Now

  • NYX Professional Makeup via
    NYX Professional Makeup via

    NYX Glitter

    Speaking of glitter, NYX has such a wide variety of colors. I use their glitter a lot and combined with the primer it doesn't have much fall-out. Buy Now

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