A quick-acting South Jersey school nurse is credited with being a hero after stepping in and saving a little girl's life.

According to 6 ABC, it was just another normal school day at Kresson Elementry School in Voorhees for 9-year-old Kiera Edel. A routine physical by the school nurse Dorrie Uscinowicz would change both of their lives forever.

The routine physical for Kiera revealed she had extremely high blood pressure which was life-threatening. That's when Uscinowicz sprang into action when realizing the little girl's needed immediate medical action.

After testing, Kiera had to have one of her kidneys removed due to a cancerous tumor discovered by doctors at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. She will have to undergo chemotherapy in the immediate future for 6 months to a year.

Kresson Elementry School Nurse Dorrie Uscinowicz tells 6 ABC,

"I'm just a little piece of the puzzle. I'm just so happy Keira's going to have a good outcome," Uscinowicz said.

Neighbors have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical costs.

School nurses play such an important pivotal role and safety net when it comes to the well-being of students in our schools all over the Garden State. I'm sure the past year had been a challenging one for all school nurses and health care professionals.

source: 6abc.com

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source: 6abc.com

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