I am now fully convinced that fans will never be happy with Game of Thrones no matter what the writers do. The BIGGEST complaint I have seen about this season is that the show feels rushed. Going into this season we were aware of how many episodes there would be and that they would be long episodes. The writers have 6 episodes to wrap up 7 years worth of tangled story lines. This complaint is like beating a dead horse.

I am now fully convinced the writers are fighting a losing battle. The theories online have spoiled the show. Fans are so consumed with how they think the show should end, that nothing they do will be right in their eyes.

There are many fans who are now impatiently waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish the series to feel satisfied. However according to Insider, "Martin told the two showrunners the main beats for his planned ending of the book series. Because Martin hadn't mapped out every detail of each character's journey, the ways "Game of Thrones" would work towards the ending was bound to differ."

Pretty much the ending will be the same, but how each character gets to the end will vary a bit.

In the episode "The Bells," the idea of who is good and who is bad was tossed into a bag and jumbled up. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

I won't lie I felt bad for Cersei and thought that at this point I would rather she stayed on the Iron Throne. Granted, I've always been a fan of Cersei. Daenerys finally snapped and her army turned a surrender into a massacre. Many thought this was out of character, however a Reddit post makes the argument that this is exactly what GRRM wanted.

...Some of it didn't make complete sense because the way we got there was very different to how the books will get there, but that was GRRM's ending for sure. The Northmen who we assumed as the good guys are rapists. The unsullied who we assumed are the liberators kill unarmed people. Danerys who we assumed would be free of the curse of Targaryen genes is a mad queen. GRRM wasn't subverting our expectations like D&D tried to in the rest of season 8, but he did want to twist a knife into our guts with a cruel reminder that in the world of ice and fire, there are no good guys and bad guys...

I've said it in past YouTube videos, but I have a reason why I think fans are turning their backs on their once favorite show. It is so much easier to watch something end if you do not like it compared to if you like it. Never thought I would be in agreement with Stephen King.

There has been a pattern after every episode, the initial reaction is great. People reacted with such excitement when Arya killed the Night King in the Battle of Winterfell. However, the next day the internet turned on their original opinion. People like being negative on social media and it's now turned into a cool thing to hate on Game of Thrones.

Check out my review of "The Bells" episode:

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