See what happens after a 30-pound wild turkey crashes into this New Jersey family's car on the highway, 

The family was returning home after visiting Northwestern University for their daughter, NBC10 reports. On their way to Chicago airport, a wild turkey flew right into their path!

Woah! We've all seen what happens when a deer hits your car- but a turkey? Didn't realize the impact would be so massive!

La Porte Counte Sheriff's Office say during mating season, turkeys tend to be on the roadway more often.

If you see more turkeys on the highway like I have, now we know why! This may have happened in Chicago but it could potentially happen here too.

Luckily the family is doing OK and only suffered minor cuts.

Crazy how this story pops up especially after Mike and I were talking about South Jersey driving distractions on The Mike Show the other day. Safe driving everyone!

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