A bakery in Collingswood, so delicious and well-known it was featured on national television, is closing for good after 50 years in business.

Though located on Haddon Ave. and E. Collings Ave. for the last 33 years, DiBartolo Bakery has been around since 1969.

But, seemingly without explanation, DiBartolo announced this week it will close the bakery to the public forever after Saturday, April 29nd.

All I keep thinking to myself is, 'There goes another piece of my childhood.' My grandparents would often bring home some of the bakery's sweet, European treats, like Italian Rum Cake. DiBartolo is very interwoven with family holidays for me.

On Facebook, DiBartolo's simply broke the news of the closing and thanks its loyal customers for their support but didn't say why they chose to close.

Is it for financial reasons? Did they sell the bakery to someone else? Is it just that The Bartolo's want to retire?

All orders recently placed with DiBartolo Bakery will reportedly be fulfilled through May 31st.

The creations of cake decorator Al DiBartolo Jr. were so extravagant they were featured on two different cable TV shows, Holiday Wars on Food Network and Next Great Baker on TLC.

CBS Philadelphia/YouTube
CBS Philadelphia/YouTube

DiBartolo's had already closed its second location in Haddonfield amid the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of 2020, Patch.com reports.

Thanks for the memories, DiBartolo. They've been delicious.

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