Today is the big game and many fans across the country are bitter over the season their favorite teams had. Some of these fans even feel robbed. Yes, the blame game is strong when it comes to sports. Most notably, fans of the New Orleans Saints blame one single call for the outcome of their last game during the playoffs. It seems like when a team loses, fans point fingers at the referees. 

Yes, it’s easy to play that blame game. You spend the season rooting for a team, you wish and hope to see them have a winning season, ultimately going to & winning the Super Bowl, and buying their merchandise. It’s hard to accept when something you love disappoints you. However, place blame where blame is due.

If you checked social media after that Saints vs Rams game, the general consensus was that the Saints were “robbed.” While, yes that particular play may have changed the outcome of the game, it does not guaranteed it. If they had the lead before that, the play would not have made a difference. The game then went into overtime, in which the Saints failed to win. 

In most games, fans blame bad calls on the outcome of the game. It does not matter if the “bad call” was in the beginning of the game or at the end. The blame is always placed on the refs. Unfortunately, human error comes into play with these bad calls. The same goes for a team playing poorly, human error. Nothing is set in stone. Just because a particular team does well all season, does not mean they will win every game of the season. Human error. 

Accept the fact that your team isn’t always going to play their best. Accept the fact that there are going to be calls you do not agree with. Accept the loss like an adult, you can’t win them all. 

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