It is no surprise that the Super Bowl is the second biggest day for eating in America. Over a billion wings, millions of pizzas, and millions of cases of beer will be had on Sunday. When it comes to snacking during the Super Bowl what do people from South Jersey reach for while they watch the big game? reported on a Google study that was done across the country to see what people eat during the Super Bowl. The study broke the country down into categories that are color coordinated on a map. The categories include: main dish, side dish, dip, appetizer, and dessert. From those categories they get more specific by state.

Over all 9 states go for main dishes, 9 states like side dishes, 9 reach for appetizers, 12 prefer dips, and 11 have a sweet tooth and go for desserts.

Here in New Jersey, according to Google, we like buffalo chicken dip. We can thank Pinterest for that. 8 out of the 12 “dip” states go for the buffalo chicken dip as well.

Some of the more note worthy choices include: Montana with lentil soup, New Mexico likes pea and peppercorn mash, Maine eats paella, and Nevada is an oximoron eating Vegan cheesy bacon spinach dip.


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