Keurig just dropped a game changer for anyone who loves mixed drinks.

Move over coffee pods, because wine pods are coming through the door! Keurig is looking to replicate the success of creating coffee pods by releasing pods with premixed cocktails and beer, right in time for the holiday seasons.

The new product is called Drinkworks, and acts just like regular Keurig. One pod makes one single serving drink.

Shut up and take our money now!

It costs $299 for the unit, $3.99 for one pod, or $15.99 for four in a pack.

As for drinks, there is quite the variety for you to choose from. 15 to be exact. Everything from a Moscow mule, margarita, mojito, and Long Island iced tea will be available at launch.

You can preorder them online through Drinkworks’ official website starting November 19.

This is sure to be a hot gift for the wine and mixed drink aficionados this season.

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