A disturbing stabbing occurred over the Memorial Day weekend in North Jersey involving a man removing  his own skin, and aiming it at the police.

CBS News reported that Hackensack police officers encountered 43-year-old Wayne Carter on Sunday morning when they responded to reports of a man barricaded in his room and threatening to harm himself.  Word is two officers kicked in the door and saw Carter in a corner, holding a knife in his hand.  Carter, ignoring the officers’ orders to drop the knife, stood up and stabbed himself in the abdomen, legs and neck - then it got weird!

Carter yelled at the officers and took an aggressive stance, then proceeded to cut off pieces of his skin and intestines and threw them at the officers.

Yes, this does sound like something out a a bad horror movie, and the police were confused by Carter's actions - first retreating, then calling local SWAT to subdue Wayne Carter and get him to a local hospital.

Because of the unusual nature of the case, no charges have been filed yet.  Could drugs have been involved here?  No word yet on that.


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