Yes, I know I am a hypocrite. Did I write an article about Halloween costumes that Target is selling this year? Yes, I did. Was that just last week? Yes, yes it was. That doesn't mean I am happy with myself. That's like eating another piece of cake after you're so stuffed and then feeling sick after. You did it, but it doesn't mean you're happy about it.

I like the summer way too much to be thinking about Halloween. We have well over 2 months until the fall holiday rolls around, can we just take a second to enjoy summer? No? I feel like this is a losing battle on my part, but I am going to air my grievances anyway.

Dear Halloween lovers of the world,

I really want to know when Halloween became as big as it is right now. I would blame Hallmark since they are to blame for other Holidays, but you don't really see Halloween cards being sent out. I guess I could blame the candy companies, but the problem lies with adults, not children. So, I think I will blame Instagram and Instagram models. That seems fair.

We now start prepping for Halloween in July. Yes, you read that right. I saw a Halloween candy display in Rite Aid in July. C'mon people enough with the nonsense.


The amount of Halloween stuff you can now get is getting more and more ridiculous. There is every type of decoration imaginable. They even sell Halloween ugly sweaters and Halloween countdown calendars. It has become a $9 billion industry. Let's take a chill pill.

I beg of you, Halloween fanatics, put down your pumpkin spice lattes and stop planning your costumes in June. The sooner you start celebrating Halloween the sooner we start hearing Christmas music in stores.


Someone just trying to enjoy summer.

With all of that being said, here are a few articles to get you ready for Halloween 2019.

Hopefully that'll satisfy your Halloween obsession.

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