It's hard to believe, but half the summer is over already, and it's time to start thinking about our fall festivities. Yes, we know, we can hear the groans. But, with fall comes Halloween and this year, South Jersey, there's a new event in town!

Get ready for the best adults only, beer/spirits Halloween festival called Witch Craft! Here's everything you need to know before you go.

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    Eating before a beer fest is very crucial to having a good time. It’s imperative that you have just enough so that you don’t get too incapacitated too quick.

    Heavy foods such as a burger, steak, chicken can be advantageous to your success at this event.

    Don't worry, we have you covered, there will be plenty of food options at Witch Craft, so come hungry!

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    Drink lots of water the day before and the day of the event so that your tolerance for alcohol can be high. The portions that they give you for each vendor may not be high, however the amount of samples add up over time.

    You don’t want to hinder your experience because you or someone else has to cut you off midway in the event.

    Also who likes hangovers? Drinking plenty of water can prevent a hangover the next morning.

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    Designated Driver

    This should be non-negotiable for any attendee. It doesn't matter if you could take down 20 beers in college and still get up and ace your mid-term, or if you're just a social drinker - bottom line, you need a DD.

    Just because you “feel” up to it or you haven’t had much doesn’t mean you are capable to drive. Put yourself and everyone else at ease with a designated driver.

    For the Witch Craft event, all designated drivers must be 21 years old or older. Designated drivers can purchase their tickets for $20.

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    In between samplings of beer and spirits take advantage of all of the vendors that Witch Craft has to offer. From fortune telling to cider donut nodding and horror makeup seminars, there certainly won't be a dull moment at this festival!